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Academic Opportunities 

IDPCE, in conjunction with the Department of Political Science, offers academic programs for students and members of the community.


This course is designed to address an important problem in U.S. electoral politics: the age gap between young voters and those of older generational cohorts.  Students in this course will collaborate to register eligible voters, and will be tasked with engaging with the political science literature and public opinion polling in order to design and execute team-based projects that successfully and efficiently mobilize their peers to vote.

Internship Opportunities

A wide range of Richmond-based and remote internships are available to students interested in democracy and community action. To learn more about current opportunities, email the experiential learning coordinator at 


IDPCE encourages students to pursue careers in political action and community outreach. Job listings can be found at, but review our career pathways to see how your classes, work experience and extracurriculars can guide you towards a profession. Contact the experiential learning coordinator at  for more information and assistance developing resumes and cover letters.