Affiliated Scholars

IDPCE Scholars will join a vibrant scholarly community, have the benefit of institutional affiliation with VCU, and gain membership in the IDCPE academic community.

While scholars do not receive a stipend, they will have access to the IDPCE Lab to conduct research and present work-in-progress, and opportunities to attend workshops and engage in a broader dialogue about democracy, pluralism and community empowerment.

Please visit our directory page for more information about current affiliated scholars.

Requirements to be an Affiliated Scholar with the IDPCE

  • Expertise and research focus: Affiliated scholars should have a demonstrated expertise and a strong research focus in areas related to democracy, pluralism, community empowerment or related fields. This may include but is not limited to political science, sociology, public policy, law, social justice, human rights, governance or community development. Non-academic professionals should showcase their accomplishments, such as successful projects, policy advocacy, community engagement, research reports, publications or other tangible outcomes that demonstrate their expertise and impact in areas related to the institute’s focus. 
  • Academic and professional qualifications: Affiliated scholars should hold an advanced degree (preferably a Ph.D. or equivalent) in a relevant field of study. The degree should be from a recognized and accredited institution. Non-academic professionals seeking affiliation as scholars should have substantial experience and expertise in areas related to democracy, pluralism, community empowerment or a relevant field. This experience could be gained through work in NGOs, civil society organizations, government agencies, international organizations, community development initiatives or related fields. 
  • Alignment with institute's mission: Affiliated scholars should share a commitment to the mission, vision and values of the Institute for Democracy, Pluralism, and Community Empowerment. Their research interests, expertise and work should align with the institute's focus on promoting democratic values, pluralism and community empowerment.
  • Collaborative mindset: Affiliated scholars, regardless of their academic background, should be willing and able to collaborate with other scholars, researchers and staff members of the institute. They should actively engage in interdisciplinary dialogue, knowledge exchange and collaborative projects that advance the institute's goals.
  • Commitment and availability: Affiliated scholars will be expected to have an in-person presence at the IDPCE. Affiliated Scholars should be committed to actively participating in the institute's activities, such as seminars, workshops, conferences and collaborative projects. They should be available to engage in regular communication and contribute to the institute's research initiatives.
  • Contributions to the Institute: Affiliated scholars are expected to actively contribute to the intellectual and academic life of the institute. This may include participating in research collaborations, providing mentorship to junior researchers, sharing knowledge and expertise, and contributing to the institute's publications and dissemination efforts.

Application Process

Prospective affiliated scholars should submit an application to the Institute for Democracy, Pluralism, and Community Empowerment, including a curriculum vitae (CV), a statement of research interests and a list of publications. The Institute for Democracy, Pluralism, and Community Empowerment reserves the right to review and evaluate applications based on the above requirements and any additional criteria it deems relevant. The affiliation is subject to approval by the institute's director or designated committee on an annual basis.

To apply, please fill out the Affiliated Scholar Application