At the IDPCE, we are dedicated to the study and promotion of democracy, pluralism, and community empowerment at VCU, in Richmond, and beyond.

Our goal is to provide students and faculty with the opportunity to engage in meaningful, and relevant, research on how democracy works, how it is under threat, and how it can be strengthened.

Data Repository

The IDPCE data repository serves as a central location for data collected with support of the IDPCE. You can visit the Data Repository to view stored data sets for data analysis, or for additional information about specific projects.


VCU undergraduate students can participate in laboratory projects through multiple research project course options or federal work study. If you are an undergraduate student that is interested in working on a project in our lab, please contact Dr. Wintersieck at to discuss opportunities.

The IDPCE invites Affiliated Scholars to use the lab to conduct original research. Affiliated Scholars interested in using the lab should reach out to Dr. Wintersieck to schedule an appointment to discuss the labs set up, capacity and availability.